Remote Ready Internships

Remote Internships Available for Students!

In response to the challenges presented by COVID-19, the Gold Seal Group has implemented a remote Internship program to help college students to get real world work experience! 


Join Us!

For a limited time, we can offer students a chance to work remotely with us! No cost to register or join our network of entrepreneurs!

Students can earn up to 200 hours of project experience learning how to work in a remote team environment. Project tasks will include designing social media campaigns, creating website pages, and setting up automated sales funnels, using professional, industry standard software. The task will be specifically be selected to expose the student to real world work situations.

Daily project and accountability meetings are held using a variety of video conferencing and screen sharing software such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype.



Any Questions?

Is this a paid Internship?

There is no monetary compensation to the student other than the work experience to satisfy their academic requirement.


When does the Intern Program start and when will it end?

The program is flexible to meet your requirements. Each mentor works with your schedule.


Are there fixed hours I will have to work?

Not really. Just like real life, your work schedule will depend on many factors such as your location and the project requirements.


Are there employment opportunities after the Internship?

While we can’t guarantee employment after the student successfully completes the program, the foot is in the door if an employment opportunity comes along! We have special relationships with owners of companies that always need talent.


Do you provide a computer to the student to use during the internship?

Not at this time.

So, does having an opportunity to work on projects with an entrepreneur sound interesting to you?

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