We offer college students remote internships!

In response to the challenges presented by COVID-19, the Gold Seal Group participates in the Remote Ready Internship Program to help college students to get real world work experience!

The Remote Ready Internships Community is FREE for students to join!

Benefits of the Remote Ready Internship Program

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Students earn guided project experience by working in a remote team environment! The tasks are tailored to include the student in real world work situations.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Students meet and connect with other interns and professionals in a the virtual community.

Any Questions?

Who is the Gold Seal Group?

The Gold Seal Group LLC is a consultancy group who assist small businesses and entrepreneurs with operations, sales and marketing for their business. They also are mentors in the Remote Ready Internship, a Networked Intern Connection Experience.

Is this Remote Ready Internship, a Networked Intern Connection Experience a site for head hunters?

No, it is not. This is a safe virtual community environment for students who have internship requirements. Here they can connect with business owners (mentors) who is interested in assisting in your professional growth. The sole purpose of this community is to create a meaningful work experience for students. There will be some jocularity (the community hosts have a sense of humor 😎) but there are no relentless ads or goofy cat videos!

How much does it cost to join Remote Ready Internship?

The Internship is totally free for students!

Can I join the Networked Intern Connection Experience if I’m not a total techie?

You most certainly can! Schedule a meeting below and tell us your interests. We’ll tell you how our system works.

What GPA is needed to be considered for the Remote Ready Internships?

There is no GPA minimum requirement. 😲 What is more important than your grades is your work ethic and your ambition to learn business skills.

Is this a paid Internship? πŸ’°

There is no monetary compensation to the student for the internship.

When does the Intern Program start and when will it end? πŸ“†

The program begins after the Memorial Day holiday of 2020 and runs continuously throughout the year. A student can enter the program at any time, during any semester.

Are there fixed hours I will have to work, like 8 am to 5 pm?

Your work schedule will be flexible. You and your mentor work together to align your work with the project calendars.

Is the work hard?

We wouldn’t say the work is hard; we would say the work is designed to inspire you to explore new achievements! In any event, your mentor and the community is there with you through your journey.

What kind of work could I do?

Typical assignments include preparing graphics, web page design, database/spreadsheet work, and internet research. The project work will depend on your interest and what the client needs.

Are there employment opportunities after the Internship?

While there is no guarantee of employment after the student successfully completes the program, your foot is in the door for any employment opportunity comes along! Part of your internship experience includes engaging with mentors and potential employers within the community! You will have ample opportunity to get to interact with a variety of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Since I will not be in the same room with a mentor, can I have someone assist me?

Of course! Although you are remote from your mentor, you are welcome to have assistance at your location. Also, the community is also there to support you through your internship as you work on your projects.

Do you provide a computer to the student to use during the internship? πŸ’»

No, all interns must have their own computer equipment, but we are here to guide you should you run into technical difficulties.

Where can I get more information?

We are here to help! You can request additional information below or click here to ask questions on our contact us page.
If you are ready for a conversation, schedule a meeting below. πŸ‘‡πŸ½

If having an opportunity to enhance your skills by working with industry professionals sounds interesting to you,

and if you have the discipline to work remotely,

then schedule a meeting with one of our project coordinators today!

Thank you for your interest!

Not quite ready for a conversation? Send us a note!

We look froward to seeing you in Remote Ready InternshipΒ Community.