About Us

The Remote Ready Internships is a private, online community for underrepresented, enterprising people. We connect diverse thinking students with entrepreneurs and small business owners to gain practical work experience remotely through internship programs hosted on our Mighty Network and Mentornity platforms. 

With the assistance of the Community hosts, coordinators, and the student’s advocates, transition coordinators, or career counselors, an  internship program is tailored to the ability and interest of each student with suitable business mentors for college credit.

Presently, internships for college credit are unpaid. We hope to incorporate paid internships in the future.

Our mentors, who are education specialists and business professionals from all industries, prepare workshops and events to share information about effectively including diverse thinkers into the workforce. 

Our students participate in these specialized activities where they are introduced to different mentors, the daily grind of business processes, the art of team communication and networking with other interns and mentors. After the programmed activities are completed, they have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills as an intern and work on real projects with mentors.

Our Community is designed to build bridges to success for our membership. Students transform into business operation specialists with a network to build future opportunities. By working with different mentors who can provide enriching work experiences, the interns build confidence and marketable skills for future employment. 

Concurrently, we also transform the mindset of solo entrepreneurs and small business owners into mentors that become aware of the special skills, talents and abilities that the underserved, diverse thinkers possess. Many business operators do not know how to incorporate talent into their enterprise to increase sales. They also do not have the time to search for such talent. By participating in our Community, they have the opportunity and technical support to meet and develop the talent while they build their revenue.


There are other benefits our members enjoy:

  1. Featured Business Spotlight and blog posts shared monthly in our Mighty Network Community and shared across social media platforms to promote our mentors
  2. Featured “60 Second Introduction Videos” members can learn about and connect with each other.
  3. “Teach a Class” series that will be shared in our community and across social media platforms for presentation practice.
  4. Hosted Mastermind classes.
  5. And much more!

Our Why

Everything we do is to help students and entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups to feel a sense of belonging, so they can have more freedom and fulfillment in their lives and careers. 

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