We are Gladiators for Homeless Families

So, What is the Scandal our Gladiators fight against?

Homelessness in America.

We don’t believe that homelessness should be an American way of life. We do believe that small business is the economic engine of American prosperity. So, why not connect with business owners and entrepreneurs that feel the same way and fight to eradicate homelessness? Our network of Gladiators provide financial support local chapters of Family Promise, previously known as the Interfaith Hospitality Network, through donations and volunteering. We believe by turning lives around, we will fortify more Gladiators and end homelessness in America.

The Local Chapters of Family Promise are awesome!

The local affiliates of Family Promise offer structured case management, financial counseling, basic needs and mental health support to homeless families throughout the United States. Helping a family to overcome the despair of homelessness is an amazing feat to achieve, wouldn’t you say? It’s harder than leaping buildings in a single bound. Such a feat typically feels beyond the ability of mere mortals. That’s why the good people of the Family Promise Organization need Gladiators across the nation to help them with this worthy cause.

Join us. Be a Gladiator. Fight Homelessness in America.

We have made it extremely easy for you to be a Gladiator for Homeless Families. The Gold Seal Group in alliance with the Allied Exchange formed the Gladiator Enablement Network for entrepreneurs and business owners. Our network is designing “Spare-A-Share” campaigns to help homeless families throughout the United States. Whether you chose to join our network or not, you can help by just signing in and sharing awareness of the homelessness problem in America on social media to generate funds for Family Promise. Simple way to help, eh? Simply awesome, we say!

So, remember to keep happiness in your heart.

Anyway, have some fun. Engage with our Gladiator assistant on the right to learn more about our Gladiator Enablement Network. Or you can enter your email address on the form on our site. Sign up and join our “Spare-A-Share” campaign to help a homeless family back into a safe home today!

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